EXPOSED: Tshisekedi wanted to use trade deals to divert Rwanda’s attention from FDLR, and FARDC complicity in its crimes

While meeting with the Congolese diaspora in the United Kingdom, Congolese ruler Tshisekedi talked of being “stabbed in the back”, ostensibly after he offered a chance for “excellent relations” with Rwanda at the beginning of his presidency. This “chance” means trade and commerce. Tshisekedi went as far as claiming “Rwanda betrayed him.”

The truth is that this is Tshisekedi’s well rehearsed diversionary tactic of concealing his failures while using Rwanda as a scapegoat.

Did Tshisekedi expect Rwanda to be simply satisfied with “trade agreements with DRC” when behind the scenes they keep on working with genocidal outfits like FDLR and other anti-Rwanda terrorist groups. He works with FDLR which (together with the Congolese military FARDC) in bid to commit another genocide not only against Congolese Tutsi populations, but to also pose a mortal threat to Rwanda.

Yet Tshisekedi and his regime expect Rwandan leaders to be as selfish as them – to look at only the financial benefits of trade but overlook the existential threat posed by FDLR to its people? Even as they ride on the back of FARDC to fire rockets into Rwanda, killing Rwandans and destroying their property? Wonders never cease!

Well, Tshisekedi should know that contemporary Rwanda strongly believes in Pan-African ideals and cannot accept to be an accomplice of a government that declares part of their ver population “foreigners” while brutally persecuting them.

Tshisekedi’s utterances about being “stabbed in the back” by Rwanda are a clear indication that his alleged “diplomatic” overtures were a trap in the first place.

But it’s obvious Tshisekedi did not do his research before approaching Rwanda with his false “friendship” gesture. He would have been informed that Rwandans cannot sell out people, whether Rwandans or fellow Africans anywhere. Rwandans would never replace their security with any trade deals, however significant and lucrative that may be.

Rwanda cannot be on the same side as evil.

If this is what Tshisekedi calls “stabbing in the back” then so be it!

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