UN Security Council asks DRC to choose peace and dialogue, not war

Members of the United Nations Security Council have called for the root causes of the conflict in eastern DRC to be addressed, by implementing the prevailing Peace, Security, and Cooperation Frameworks – which apparently Kinshasa is determined to torpedo! The UN Security Council calls for efforts to achieve peace through support for enhanced regional efforts, dialogue, and support for confidence-building measures among the region’s countries and leaders. But the Tshisekedi regime just utters belligerent propaganda against Rwanda.

The statements by members of the UN Security Council were made against a backdrop of escalation of military confrontations by the Congolese army (FARDC) against the M23 rebels – which is in violation of the call for the cessation of hostilities (pending dialogue by both the Luanda Peace Roadmap and the Nairobi Peace Process).

Everyone sees this. The UN Security Council members have expressed concern about the escalation of hostilities by the FARDC, which has worsened the security and humanitarian situation in their country. The Tshisekedi regime has refused to listen to international recommendations for a strengthened focus on non-military as well as military solutions to tackle the root causes of the conflict.

Tshisekedi is just bellicose, always parading his military.

The presence of the genocidal FDLR in DRC has featured prominently in the debates, with emphasis that the outfit indeed is led by criminals who committed genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and that they must not be supported (by the DRC leaders), but instead should be repatriated to face justice in Rwanda.

Council members also highlighted the heightened levels of mistrust in the region, the continued use of hate speech, and disinformation and misinformation by senior Congolese leaders.

Tshisekedi has no interest in such honest debate.

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