Tshisekedi and his side-kicks ignore damning indictment by UN Security Council, exaggerate US envoy remarks to advance their wicked motives

As expected, Tshisekedi and his cronies have cherry-picked only one sentence from the many statements made during the UN Security Council debate, which they over-emphasized and amplified through social media to fit their narrative.

It is not surprising that the deluded Congolese leaders’ instincts could only pick parts of the statement, leaving out those that incriminate them and lay bare their irresponsible leadership conduct that has led to untold suffering for the Congolese population. The DRC’s whining leaders forget that barely a week ago, HRW made a comprehensive report about their collaboration and support to abusive armed groups, including FDLR, a group composed of genocide perpetrators designated terrorists by the same US government whose statement they are blowing out of proportion.

Before that, the UN group of experts categorically articulated that FDLR and FARDC are the Congolese national army (FARDC) partners in crime with whom they commit all sorts of atrocities in eastern DRC. And, speaking of human rights violations, FARDC has been mentioned in numerous reports to be worse than all the more than 100 armed groups combined in human rights violations.

The excitement by delusional DRC leaders about what the US said or did not say at the UN Security Council borders on a comic but mostly naïvety. This excitement mostly originates from their inherent incompetence and represents their evil wishes against Rwanda. If anyone deserves sanctions, it is the Congolese ruler Tshisekedi and his cronies who have caused more suffering to the Congolese and have ignited chaos so that they can rule without going through the humiliating experience of losing the upcoming elections.

Truth be told, even if M23 rebels ceased to exist today, the problems of Congo would not diminish even by a small fraction. They would instead escalate unless the root causes of the insecurity are objectively addressed. Except that no one believes M23 can be just wished away because their cause is based on a genuine yearning for their right to nationality and an end to the persecution of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese. It gets confusingly hilarious to know that the frenzied excitement of the Congolese is originally based on an unpublished report by so-called UN experts whose integrity has been frequently cast in doubt.

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