RNC terror group mouthpiece Himbara sings Menendez’s tired song of imaginary sanctions against Rwanda

David Murunganwa alias Himbara the mouthpiece of terror outfit-Rwanda National Congress, agitates for war between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo through peddling anti-Rwanda smears across social media platforms.

The weed-smoking troll won’t tire until Rwanda goes to war with Congo; but is he aware of the repercussions? while Congolese people suffer the consequences associated with rampant insecurity, the psychopath will be enjoying weed and free meals in his Toronto-based hideout.

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, the highly corrupt Robert Menendez, has again laid the blame for Congolese internal problems on Rwanda, by accusing it of “supporting Congolese rebel movement-M23.” These are allegations that have been rubbished by competent, mandated institutions on the ground.

But a fraud like Himbara is excited by Menendez’s statements, and we know why (they both have a stake in mouthing anti-Rwanda propaganda. But the truth is that Menendez’s submissions can’t be taken at face value. The fellow is a failed politician who chose money before his career. He’s a renowned lobbyist with pending cases (sexual abuse and corruption scandals) in the United States courts. He has zero integrity.

Being in the pay of DRC regime demagogue Tshisekedi, Menendez has turned Rwanda into a lucrative venture whenever a diplomatic crisis surfaces, he goes all hands on deck against the country.

But even as Menendez and Himbara falsely accuse Rwanda of destabilizing Congo, they overlook crimes committed by a blacklisted genocidal, terrorist group-FDLR that have been documented by United Nations Group of Experts Report-UNGoE, and Human Rights Watch. It has also been revealed that FDLR collaborates with Tshisekedi army to wreak terror on Congolese people and the region at large.

The international community better beware of all this!

It’s worth reminding Himbara and his colleagues that this was not the first time Menendez has recommended sanctions against Rwanda; he has done that several times but then what? Did they get their wish? No! Because they are corrupt liars.

The Tshisekedi regime won’t solve problems through lies and propaganda.

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