Congolese left in shock as their clueless ruler abandons emergency security meeting, and rushes to attend a music concert

With the very peace of Congo at stake, regime head Felix Tshisekedi (instead of working to implement roadmap plans), has instead decided to stop any pretenses that he has ever wanted peace. This factor was demonstrated this weekend by an action of Tshisekedi, after he hurriedly called for an “emergency” security meeting in Kinshasa. However, as it turned out, the meeting was the last thing on Tshisekedi’s mind. He abandoned it halfway, and cruised with his 100-car motorcade, to go to a ndombolo show! Apparently a musician, Fally Ipupa, was staging a concert that Tshisekedi didn’t want to miss!

And then people wonder what the problem of Congo is!

The meeting was necessary to respond to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the east of the country, where FARDC alongside FDLR have violated the ceasefire called by the region and the international community, to attack the M23 fighters, massacring and raping civilians and causing upheaval.

Tshisekedi is with not one doubt the problem of DRC.

Good leaders are indeed seen during national catastrophes as they stand tall and steer their people through the crisis and see them safely to the other end. However, the Congolese have learned to manage their expectations when it comes to Tshisekedi because all his rule has brought them is cheap talk, false promises, and suffering. As is his won’t, the Congolese ruler – after M23 fighters inflicted defeat on FARDC and its FDLR allies- again turned Rwanda into a scapegoat. He expelled Rwanda’s envoy to DRC, as if this will solve his problems which he is incapable of tackling.

Tshisekedi only choreographed the ‘emergency’ security meeting to feign concern for the Congolese people in the east, but in a real sense, he doesn’t give a damn!

If he did, the best way out of the crisis is there: to accept the Luanda and Nairobi peace processes without conditions. However, sensing a humiliating defeat in the upcoming elections, Tshisekedi has to maintain a face of belligerence – and victimhood – against Rwanda, to deflect from his failures.

Nonetheless, inevitably, the Congolese will finally see the truth and throw him out with all his incompetent cronies.

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