Patrick Muyaya’s social media campaign against Rwanda will fail

The spokesman of the DRC regime Spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya has yet again attacked Rwanda, inciting Congolese youth to join a propaganda social media campaign of the usual smears, and insults against the Rwandan government on Twitter. Muyaya is desperate to push the tired, scapegoating narrative against the Rwandan Government. He and his master think blackmailing Rwanda will help them.

Having realized that blame-games and lies were not selling on the international fora; Muyaya now thinks inciting vile campaigns on social media will work. But lies are lies. Lies, Muyaya should know, cannot solve the problems of their failed state, and neither can it stop M23 from fighting for its people’s rights.

Scapegoating Rwanda has clearly became a losing game for DRC leadership, and so will Muyaya’s incitement. However, it’s such a shame that the regime decided to involve the youth in their hopeless blame games, instead of pursuing peaceful process through dialogue with warring parties, as recommended through regional peace frameworks. This again proves how irresponsible, incompetent Congolese authorities are.

Rwanda has many times set the record straight that it has no interests in destabilizing its neighbors, and DRC should endeavor to solve its internal problems and seek support where it deems necessary. Dragging Rwanda into their failures will never work.

Undisputable facts show that the Kinshasa regime is responsible for the country’s perpetual instability considering it has refused to divorce its army, FARDC, from the blacklisted genocidal, terror group FDLR.

Tshisekedi espouses terrorism and genocide.

He should look in the mirror, because he is the disaster of the region.

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