Congolese call for termination of MONUSCO mandate; it’s about time

The torching of MONUSCO’s convoy by Congolese in Kanyarucinya the day before yesterday is another testament the United Nations intervention force in DRC is loathed despite its usual justification rhetoric of protecting civilians.

The setting on fire of the UN truck that injured 2 blue helmet soldiers is a result of rampant frustrations by Congolese who consistently insist that UN contingent has abandoned its core mandate to protect civilian, rather indulged in other illegal activities, like plundering of their mineral resources and working with different armed groups.

Few days ago, the same UN mission had declared that it was mobilizing forces to fight alongside FARDC, even when the latter has been mentioned in numerous reports that it has integrated FDLR, a blacklisted genocidal, terror outfit whose objective is to destabilize Rwanda and commit another genocide against Tutsi.

The fusion of MONUSCO and FARDC- FDLR is a condemnable act that should not be allowed to continue at all cost. There was enough damage already when the former UN mission to Rwanda (MINUAR) used the same pretexts of protecting civilians and watched as over a million innocent Tutsis were being massacred by Interahamwe militias.

It is high time DRC addresses own damaging weevil, it should start by detaching itself from several illegal armed groups that comprise notorious genocidal forces like FDLR and its splinter groups, disarm them and send them to Rwanda for trial. DRC leadership should face MONUSCO and tell them to pack their bags.

What happened on Tuesday shows that the honeymoon between FARDC/FDLR and MONUSCO is over now, and things have subsequently fallen apart violently. Something must be quickly done.

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