Kinshasa regime heighten baseless accusations against Rwanda, try to divert attention from ongoing genocide of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese

The hunting of Kinyarwanda-speaking, Tutsi Congolese citizens rages on in DRC. Tshisekedi’s FARDC and the genocidal FDLR (it must never be forgotten), are committing genocide.

Recently gory images circulated on the Internet of a decapitated head of a Congolese, Tutsi which had been skewed and hoisted in at a community field public viewing. A post by one Heritier Kambale volunteered to provide details, in pidgin Congolese Swahili, concerning what had transpired. Kambale’s narration was delivered to make this look like a laudable “act of heroism” and “an accomplishment” every Congolese should aspire to achieve before they die.

In his post, this Kambale narrated how the vigilante mobs apprehended the victim and how others managed to escape, and how they burnt down the house the ‘banyarwanda’ lived in without sparing everything they owned.

Reminiscent of RTLM broadcasts, Kambale then applauds the vigilante mobs for being on the lookout and not allowing the ‘banyarwanda’ to invade them.

It is clear as day for everyone that the interest of the Congolese leaders is not peace and neither are they worried about the successful military campaign waged by the M23 rebels. They are using this to distract everyone from witnessing their genocide against the Congolese Tutsi. While the international community is busy worrying about the humanitarian crisis caused by FARDC’s indiscriminate bombings in Rutchuru, they are being shielded from a humanitarian catastrophe of even greater magnitude away from the thunders of FARDC’s indiscriminate artillery fire.

By the time the veil falls off the eyes of the international community, the Congolese and their FDLR partners will have succeeded in their longstanding ambitions of ensuring a Tutsi-free Congo.

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