Tshisekedi’s gambit to cling on to power is a déjà vu, Rwanda has become his fall guy.

Faced with severe pressure to prepare for the forthcoming presidential elections, the failed Congolese ruler Tshisekedi is in panic. He is increasingly showing he’s ready to postpone the elections, for the real reason that the majority of Congolese do not want him.

In so doing Tshisekedi and his regime sycophants advance a rhetoric that “Rwanda destabilizes their country through the M23 rebels”, something that failed to hold water right from the very beginning. The M23 movement is Congolese, whatever the lies and propaganda from Kinshasa. It has its cause of fighting (for the rights of Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese that the Kinshasa regime is trying to marginalize, going as far as instigating genocide against them).

The Kinshasa regime also gives logistical support to dozens of militia outfits, comprised of mainly notorious ‘Mai Mai’ splinter groups under different vernacular names from South and North Kivu Provinces, so that they join the country’s army (FARDC) and its main ally, the blacklisted genocidal, terror group- FDLR. These are the criminal groups committing genocide while Kinshasa claims it’s “fighting Rwanda.”

Representatives of Mai Mai were yesterday heard on some international media mainstream such as the BBC and VOA chest-thumping that they were set to fight alongside FARDC until they defeat Rwanda as they have “all it takes.” This happened only hours after Tshisekedi himself said he would launch a war on Rwanda.

Again, no one should be fooled by Tshisekedi, since his principal motive is to create a chaotic situation in the country to make a case for the indefinite postponement of the upcoming elections. It’s  his only option to cling onto power. But Rwanda will not be dragged into all these childish games by a failed regime.

Rwanda has always made it clear that it is committed to peace and stability with all neighbors.

Tshisekedi and Congolese should sort their internal matters.

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