FDU-Inkingi, a lead sponsor of FDLR can’t exonerate it from DRC crisis neither can it conceal the genocidal outfit’s crimes

Since the eruption of fighting between Congolese army- FARDC and the M23 rebel group, Europe based anti-Rwanda terror outfit- FDU-Inkingi made of genocide fugitives and ideologues based, continues to ride on the DRC crisis to deny the existence of FDLR and conceal its crimes. It also, deceptively, links the M23 to Rwanda.

It is evident even in their latest concocted statement that falsely exploits the DRC internal conflicts where the genocidal and terror outfit referred the M23 as “a proxy movement of the Rwandan regime, created to fight its proxy war.” FDU-Inkingi amplifies same rhetoric pushed by DRC regime ruler Tshisekedi which portrays M23 as terrorist so as to distract attention from its actual cause of fighting.

The cabal of genocidaires also argued that FDLR is a “false pretext” to justify the Rwanda’s aggression to DRC. However, this is another diversion which intends at exonerating FDLR from DRC’s perpetual insecurity yet it has played a key role in destabilizing the country and the region at large.

It’s important to note that FDU-Inkingi has been a valuable sponsor to FDLR terrorist activities, its “President” Placide Kayumba travelled to DRC to meet FDLR officials, back in 2014. Kayumba pledged FDU-Inkingi’s full support including the acquisition of fire arms and taking care of combatants’ salaries.

Away from FDU-Inkingi’s incoherent statement, FDLR remains a regional threat to not only DRC but also to Rwanda, the blacklisted genocidal group shelled Rwandan territory several times this year killing innocent civilians and destroying property.

The recent UN Group of Experts and Human Rights Watch reports confirmed the alliance between FARDC and FDLR, an unholy alliance that promotes genocide ideology in DRC, targeting Rwandaphones. What’s happening in DRC today is a prototype of what happened in Rwanda in 1994, just because of harboring and supporting, integrating the FDLR into the DRC security institutions.

The would-be “political party”, FDU-Inkingi attempted to hoodwink its small audience about the DRC crisis but ended up revealing its true colors by calling for Inter-Rwandan dialogue as a political solution. But there was no way, Rwandan matters could be mixed up with DRC’s, this shows how inept and unserious the outfit is.

The cabal of genocide fugitives and ideologues simply wants to divert attention of the International Community. They still want to conceal the FDLR existence and its growing anti-Tutsi ideology. Nonetheless, their mission to bring back the Hutu Power rule in Rwanda won’t be achieved, they will always be defeated.

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