Tshisekedi, speaking from both sides of his mouth, pretends to be a diplomat; but he is a warmonger

While Congolese ruler Tshisekedi openly pretends to pursue a diplomatic path towards the resolution of the chronic insecurity in the east of DRC, in reality behind the scenes he is inclined towards fomenting chaos – all for selfish political gains. For instance, as he dispatched his foreign minister to Luanda for another round of talks ostensibly aimed at easing tensions in the region, he continues to mobilize for war, and brandishing war equipment to escalate the crisis in the east of DRC. Credible reports have detailed that Tshisekedi has purchased war planes which have been assembled in Goma in readiness for a war with Rwanda. Sadly, Tshisekedi is behaving this way in spite of ongoing regional and international mechanisms aimed at facilitating a negotiated path towards sustainable peace and stability in DRC.

The Kinshasa regime has maintained a hostile stance towards Rwanda and almost the entire Tshisekedi cabinet has been mobilised to make incendiary utterances aimed at hurting Rwanda’s impeccable international standing. Despite this hostile atmosphere, Rwanda has continued to demonstrate political maturity by expressing commitment both in statements and actions, to the Luanda and Nairobi peace mechanisms.

Tshisekedi’s reckless actions are risking regional security, and unless the international community singles him out for a reprimand and decisive consequences, he is driving the region towards turmoil. While Tshisekedi and his cronies have decided to scapegoat Rwanda as a diversion for their plans to create chaos and use the situation as an excuse to indefinitely postpone next year’s elections, the world seems to have failed to see this trend.

Unless the international community accepts the reality that the root cause of the turmoil in east DRC is the regime’s continued support to extremists genocidaires groups like FDLR and the persecution of the Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese, no peace initiative will ever salvage Congo out of turmoil. DRC needs competent leaders who put national interests before their own.

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