Kinshasa junta acts like it has something to hide, behind war mongering

Why is the Tshisekedi regime all over the place, distrusting all neighbors? When it’s hatchet men are not traveling the world vilifying Rwanda without providing any tangible reasons, they are nudging international powers to “demand the M23 to withdraw unconditionally.”

By so doing, they hope that like they thought in 2013, the M23 would just disappear out of existence along with its real (unaddressed) issues. Except that Tshisekedi and regime cronies forget that even if this were to happen, they would still have more than 100 other armed groups to deal with. What they don’t want to understand is the fact that injustice cannot be just wished away. It always comes back to haunt you.

What is hard to understand is why the Kinshasa regime wants the M23 to be hurriedly ushered out of view, when the movement is fighting for legitimate rights as citizens. Everyone should be asking: why is the Tshisekedi regime not doing the work of governing, rather than all the time whining with no solutions, but vilifying peaceful neighbors?

It is no wonder that the world has treated their demands and accusations very dubiously.

The fact that the Kinshasa junta has something to hide cannot be hidden. There is no way they could explain why they are mobilizing unemployed youth to join an undisciplined army, whose welfare they don’t provide. The regime cannot explain why they re-ignited hostilities with M23 early this month, at a time when the region and the international community were rolling out a mechanism for sustainable peace. Nobody would understand why a day after the meeting between the Rwandan and Congolese junta foreign affairs met in Luanda, the Congolese air force provocatively violated Rwanda’s airspace.

The best explanation for this behavior is that Tshisekedi has a different agenda from that of the international community and the region – and it is not peace of stability.

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