Drunk on FDLR genocide ideology, Tshisekedi’s UDPS coalition resorts to butcher cows of Tutsi Congolese citizens

In a despicable and gruesome manner, the newly mobilized Congolese youth in a militia wing of UDPS (Tshisekedi’s ruling coalition) have now resorted to battering, injuring and slaughtering cows of Tutsis Congolese, an act genocide scholars deem a precursor to full blown genocide.

The heinous act of battering and injuring livestock of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese Tutsis have been recorded mostly in areas of Masisi and Rutshuru where notorious mobs, in a coordinated manner, conduct the bloody criminal acts in the night, leaving the public to wake up to terrible scenes of slaughtered or wounded livestock.

Organizations like Genocide Watch and or AEGIS Trust in the United Kingdom have already issued genocide warnings, and advisories on the unfolding genocide that is taking place in the Eastern DRC and perpetrated by the failed Tshisekedi regime.

It is heart-wrenching to see that despite ongoing social media campaigns by concerned Congolese, the entire world is in deafening silence mode, with arms folded while hundreds of innocent people are exterminated and their livestock slaughtered.

The hate speech fueled by some genocide ideologues like Denis Mukwege and his supporters, goes on unabated, and it beats understanding that DRC authorities are not under sanctions yet. Unfortunately, the world will wake up when the worst has happened.

Rwanda has always called on the DRC government to neutralize, disarm and repatriate FDLR combatants that reside in Congo, before they commit a similar genocide, but Tshisekedi and his henchmen instead decided to gang up with them, to commit another genocide.

They should remember, they will pay for such crimes.

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