DRC will attain peace and stability when its leaders stop scapegoating in their political wars

For Congolese to have some hope of attaining peace, its leaders will have to stop using Rwanda as a scapegoat in their political squabbles. The Congolese have their elections (more like election battles) next year, and reckless leaders already are stoking the temperatures to high degrees, with the Rwanda-bashing now in overdrive.

From the presidential candidates to the grassroots-level aspirants, every contender has to find ways of slandering Rwanda, to win cheap applause, and even cheaper political points. A demagogue called Martin Fayulu, upon seeing that his opponent Tshisekedi is stoking war and genocide as his election-winning weapon (while blaming everything on Rwanda), has decided to not be outdone. Fayulu has come up with a ridiculous conspiracy theory that falsely blames Rwanda (but rightly blames Tshisekedi) for the conflict in eastern Congo. According to Fayulu, the ongoing conflict between FARDC and the M23 is a strategy “crafted by both Tshisekedi and Rwanda, to help the former to win next year’s presidential elections.” Ladies and gentlemen, break out the popcorn and behold the Congolese circus!

Political competition is normal. What is abnormal is Congolese political competition. And the fact the Congolese have this irrational belief that they have to drag Rwanda’s name into their political messes to win elections. But none of the contenders ever thinks of fronting an agenda to the Congolese where they show how they will solve their problems of insecurity, abject poverty, youth unemployment, disease, and illiteracy.

Sour-graping loser Fayulu believes that bashing Rwanda is the “winning ticket.” He will find out how wrong he is. Instead of trying a different approach, he has foolishly decided to join his opponent in bashing Rwanda, as if the winner will be the one that shouts their anti-Rwanda lies loudest will be the winner!

Word of advice to the two demagogues: you will never get anywhere with your Rwanda-bashing, while neglecting to find real solutions to real Congolese problems.

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