Kinshasa throws tantrums, after UN sounds alarm on an ongoing Tutsi genocide perpetrated by Tshisekedi regime

Kinshasa regime mouthpiece Patrick Muyaya has crazily attacked the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, Alice Wairimu Nderitu, after she warned that Congo was fast heading towards a full-blown genocide. Muyaya’s attack, made during what has now become a routine ‘weekly media briefing’ where his audience has now been accustomed to listening to newly fabricated accusations against Rwanda at every session, followed a strong statement by the Secretary-General detailing the dangerous proliferation of hate speech orchestrated by Congolese rulers. The Kinshasa regime has been called out for veiling their calls to genocide against Congolese Tutsi citizens as “mobilization of the youth to defend the country.”

In other words, the Tshisekedi regime has correctly been observed as behaving like the regime of Habyarimana and his Interahamwe.

Defending the genocide that Kinshasa is perpetrating, Muyaya claimed that “the fact that young people were responding favorably to the call to join the army (read that Kinshasa-incited mikitias) was evidence that “Congolese tribes live in harmony”.

Tshiseked’s publicist then, in usual deranged ways of Zairois, accused the UN advisor on the prevention of genocide, of advancing “a narrative similar to Rwanda’s segregationist discourse!” Muyaya further claimed that the UN advisor “aimed at diverting Congolese attention from the real problem.”

Muyaya’s gratuitous attack on the Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General is only similar to the rants of a toddler caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The Kinshasa regime never imagined they could be busted by the UN. Different international bodies and the UN have been making feeble calls to the Congolese leaders to stop hate speech, but never has the UN made a pronunciation in strong terms as Ms. Nderitu did recently. This is an indication that the silent genocide that has been going on for months has escalated beyond anything the Zairois can hide anymore.

Muyaya’s desperate denials and attacks on the UN were further rendered ridiculous by his reasoning, as he labored to deny that there was no genocide going on in DRC. But the rabble called FARDC, together with the FDLR genocidaires, are seen daily in videos massacring innocent Congolese just because of their Tutsi ethnicity. How can you deny something that everyone has seen with their own eyes!

The world should be reminded that what happened in Rwanda before 1994 is exactly playing out in eastern DRC. Before 1994, the genocidal regime mobilized young people to join Interahamwe militias that were the tools of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. That mobilization was certainly not an indication of “national cohesion.”

Muyaya’s deranged attack on the UN advisor is an attempted act of diversion by the Congolese regime, from its ongoing crimes against humanity, and crimes of genocide to exterminate Congolese Tutsi communities. Nothing else.

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