When Nairobi process becomes a “partners-in-crime” meeting

The talks in Nairobi between the Kinshasa regime, and armed groups kick off in Nairobi – part of the Nairobi process intended on bringing peace and calm to eastern DRC. However, Tshisekedi has effectively hijacked the otherwise well-intended process, and turned it into a meeting of partners-in-crime. Among all DRC armed group partners, only FDLR is missing (and that only because of restrictions that barred Tshisekedi from inviting them!)

Regional security experts have rightly observed that the meeting will be of no consequence, unless the real protagonists: the DRC regime and M23 (a Congolese internal movement) sit at the same table, to reach an agreement on the implementation of the many previous agreements.

The ongoing meeting in Nairobi looks like a mere formality, because the DRC army (FARDC) and Tshisekedi need not travel to Nairobi to talk. After all, reports have confirmed that the most dangerous groups – number one of which is FDLR – are partners in crime with Tshisekedi regime. They are united in hate speech, and targeting of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese of Tutsi ethnicity – hence their reasons of forming the M23 movement (to fight for their rights as Congolese citizens).

Experts observe that the talks will take place, then everyone will go back to the status quo, as you were! That conflict will not end unless Tshisekedi and his government meet the M23, and agree to put a stop to the ongoing campaign of genocide against the Congolese Tutsi citizens, and to disband the FDLR which is a partner in perpetration of genocide.

Leaders of the region ought to recognize the issue as of paramount importance, as they seek to bring sustainable peace and security to eastern DRC.

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