No peace will be witnessed in Congo until Tshisekedi ends his alliance with FDLR and other terrorist armed groups

The regime of Tshisekedi is so keen to fight M23, but have never said anything about FDLR ( a notorious genocidal, terror group under international sanctions for crimes against humanity). FDLR has threatened regional security, for over two decades now. Yet Tshisekedi says nothing about it, why?

It is because Kinshasa works with FDLR (which has been integrated into the Congolese army, FARDC). The genocidal FDLR’s goal is to bring terror and genocide back to Rwanda, and Kinshasa is a willing accomplice.

Addressing Parliament recently, President Kagame said: “When you see the statements everywhere saying the territorial integrity of Congo must be respected. I totally agree. But so must Rwanda’s territorial integrity be respected.”

The FARDC together with FDLR have carried out attacks on Rwandan territory, and shelled inside Rwanda many times – most recently between May and August this year. However, the International Community has not condemned such provocations, and neither has it put the DRC government to task to disarm and repatriate FDLR terrorists. It’s unconscionable.

Rwanda has shown it remains fully committed to the peace and stability of the Great Lakes region. But why must this effort be one way? Why is it that it’s only Rwanda expected to show goodwill ?

Tshisekedi ought to be taken much more to task, to see if he really wants peace with neighbors, on why his government is in bed with the terrorists, even as they work with FARDC to perpetrate genocide (against Congolese, Tutsi citizens).

Kinshasa is where the root cause of the problem is!

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