Rattled by exposure of his election malpractice, Tshisekedi loses his mind, offers to “help” Rwandans when he can’t help himself or Congolese

Desperate Tshisekedi tried to put on a loose-fitting mask of statesmanship before the Congolese youth which fell off, humiliatingly exposing his badly bruised ego. He used the meeting to try and save face but he knows it is beyond repair.

While meeting a group of youth hastily rounded up to give the Congolese ruler (who has been living in hiding for weeks now, after rumors circulated in Kinshasa of an assassination plot planned by his party members), an opportunity to respond to President Kagame’s expose about the latter’s election malpractice. Clearly, the message hit raw nerves and his rumblings came from a rattled soul.

During his address to selected young people from his loyalist mobs, Tshisekedi desperately tried to put on a very loosely fitting mask of a statesman but it fell off. The Congolese ruler portrayed himself to the Congolese youth as a “statesman” but everyone knew he is badly injured by the exposure of his election cheating.

Tshisekedi elicited suppressed laughter when he insinuated that he was a “peacemaker” and that war-making was a thing of the 60s. While he was making this comment, it was clear that everyone’s mind rushed to Tshisekedi’s support of FDLR and other dangerous armed groups in eastern DRC and his ongoing propagation of a Tutsi genocide and mobilisation of interahamwe-grade militias. The truth is, Tshisekedi is the source of instability, not only in DRC but regionwide.

In his delusion, Tshisekedi thought he would fool anyone by hypocritically proclaiming his ‘undying love for Rwandans,’ who he claimed to love more than their government!

The same Rwandans have not forgotten that it is Tshisekedi who is in bd with the genocidal FDLR! He is the one trying (nut failing of course) to destabilize Rwanda. His troops together with FDLR fire shells into Rwanda, injuring Rwandans, destroying property.

With a “friend” like this, who needs enemies?

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