Why is the world standing by and watching a regional disaster unfolding, into another genocide?

The DRC is a ticking time bomb that will send the region into a mega-crisis. The crisis has to be defused, sooner than later! The DRC has always been a problematic nation, from the days of its independence in 1960, as the epicenter of regional insecurity.

The situation has not changed because the international community has failed to respond in any useful way, to all the early warning signs, and for this global omission, the situation continues to grow bigger every passing year.

The Congo problem was mismanaged for the most part because of the different interests of different global powers. To these powerful global players, ‘just a little chaos’ was what they needed to serve their interests. However, due to mismanagement of the ‘just a little chaos,’ the situation is now spiraling out of control.

The DRC is now edging towards genocide, against the Congolese Tutsi populations of the east of  the country. And the problem is that the international community seems to be taking quite too long in the denial stage. This is all reminiscent of what happened in Rwanda in the years leading to the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. In DRC, the Tshisekedi regime is justifying genocide on the dangerous propaganda that Congolese Tutsi citizens are “foreigners.”

This is the exact spurious thing that the Habyarimana regime based on to justify genocide. Down to the hate speech coming out of Kinshasa. How long will the world watch?

Tshisekedi is recruiting youth mobs massively into the army, ostensibly “to defend territorial integrity.” This mobilization is premised on the lie that their war with the M23 rebels (whose existence is a consequence of the Congolese regime persecuting Tutsi Congolese and depriving them of their rights) is “against Rwanda.” It’s a lie we’ll-debunked, but repeated all the time by Tshisekedi and henchmen.

It is blood-chilling to imagine what the DRC and the region, by extension, will be, unless Tshisekedi is made to answer for the madness. Genocide in eastern DRC is well underway, and the international community’s silence is just tacit encouragement for Tshisekedi.

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