Tshisekedi’s wishes to revive genocidal regime in Rwanda will fail

The bellicose statements of the Congolese leader Felix Tshisekedi made the genocidaires in their dens to erupt in congratulatory announcements. Particularly, the cabal of genocide fugitives- FDU-Inkingi and their genocidal armed wing- FDLR gleefully commended the Tshisekedi’s plot to topple the Rwanda government as they ever wished.

The two terrorist organizations of genocide fugitives urged the regional countries to support Tshisekedi’s plot to overthrow Rwanda’s democratically elected leadership, and be given the opportunity to resurrect the politics of ethnicity, divisionism and the extremism ideology that led to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

FDLR, in their communique recommitted to its unholy alliance with Tshisekedi’s national forces- FARDC. The duo has been violating Rwanda’s territorial integrity by staging armed attacks on her soil which claimed innocent lives, maimed scores and destroyed property in the recent past. However, their mission is beyond the attacks. FDLR has a dream to finish off the remaining Tutsis in Rwanda in another genocide which the terror outfit considers undone.

Tshisekedi and his regime turned their country into a genocidal state that promotes hate speech targeting Rwandaphone. Undisputable facts were recently revealed by the UN Special Advisor on Genocide Prevention, Alice Wairimu Nderitu who raised a red flag on DRC regime’s sanctioned genocide against Congolese Tutsi communities.

After 28 years of having a dream to overthrow the Rwandan leadership and resurrect the Hutu Power ideology, the perpetrators have found an ally in the Tshisekedi regime that supports its lost cause. By sending their congratulatory messages to Tshisekedi, they intend to bring themselves in the spotlight confirming what Tshisekedi has always denied which is his complicity in the destabilization of Rwanda.

Rwandan history has taught us that human stupidity can cause calamities. It is so unfortunate that when a supposed leader like Tshisekedi is thanked and supported by genocide criminals and he deems it ideal to support such a plot of topple a neighboring government.

Rwandans know how paramount peace and stability are to them. They as well know that their government has delivered to its expectations. Tshisekedi’s pretense of being a “friend of the Rwanda people” is only for the gullible to believe. Rwandans who their real friends are.

So, absurd.

Thoughts of a concerned citizen.

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