No amount of propaganda will conceal the existence and hostility of FDLR

From Christophe Lutundula, the Head of Congolese diplomacy who has been in New York for several days, to consult diplomats from various member countries of the United Nations Security Council, to Patrick Muyaya, the Minister of Communication and Media in Kinshasa presenting “livre blanc”.

The Tshisekedi regime wants to impose a false rhetoric that denies the existence and the crimes it has perpetrated against the Congolese people as it also portrays Congo as “a country under attack by Rwanda”.

While addressing a special session of the UN Security Council, Lutundula dodged the concerns of the alliance of FARDC and FDLR that are at the center of the mayhem happened in Rwanda and DRC as well. Lutundula called it “a recipe that no longer pays”.

In kinshasa as well, Patrick Muyaya, when presenting “livre blanc”, a book that contains false allegations that pin Rwanda in their internal conflicts with M23 rebel group; he denied the fact that FDLR is a threat. “After 28 years, the Interahamwes are too old to pose a threat”, Muyaya said. 

However the genocidal outfit has committed crimes against humanity with impunity as reported by various credible rights watchdogs and the United Nations Group of Experts-UNGoE. This brazen analysis dismisses the intergenerational ideology of these genocidaires that cost innocent Rwandan and Congolese lives.

Not a long ago, Human Rights Watch exposed the Congolese army for being the sponsor of the genocidal group (FDLR). The rights group also highlighted that several senior Congolese military officers gave arms and ammunitions to the FDLR. The FDLR spokesperson, cure Ngoma recently told BBC that FDLR is “present and controls territories in the North Kivu,” and refuted claims of Tshisekedi regime that FDLR no longer exists. 

The regional stability needs good faith of Tshisekedi regime. It will remain a waste of time to keep investing in sorts of propaganda that blemish Rwanda.

Facts are stubborn regarding the existence and hostility of FDLR. Dismantling the genocidal force will pave way for a pacified Eastern Congo.

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