Tshisekedi should stop whining and carry his own cross at US-Africa Summit

As usual we expect a lot of blame games by DR Congo officials during the US-Africa Summit that is taking place in Washington, but the world should not be misled by a hullabaloo of unfounded allegations by Tshisekedi on actual issues regarding rampant insecurity in the Eastern Congo.

The Congolese regime for the past six months has made it a habit to scapegoat Rwanda and its leadership in every meeting they attend, to the extent they even claimed that Rwanda stole Congo’s gorillas”, at the UN! Of course Tshisekedi (who is running the most failed government in Africa) will use the US-Africa Summit to repeat similar ludicrous claims.

But only the most misinformed can fall for Congolese regime fabrications against Rwanda, or take its blatantly false accusations at face value.

DRC today is home to more than 130 rebel groups that fight for God knows what causes. Among those there is a notorious genocidal FDLR (under International Community sanctions) which is composed of remnants of perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda. Since FDLR settlement in DRC, innocent Congolese have been paying a high price while Tshisekedi decided to just brush it off and called it “a mutinous group with no capabilities.” This disingenuous claim can’t fool anyone: FDLR is in bed with the Congolese military, FARDC.

Definitely, Tshisekedi will mention M23 in his speech, and in every sideline meeting he will have with different participants. That’s all he ever does! Yet he will avoid mentioning anything about the terrorist FDLR (even with all evidence of its existence and how it has entered into a marriage of convenience with FARDC).

Any sane mind that is fully aware of the happenings in DRC should call Tshisekedi out and advise him to carry his own cross. He should do so by first cleaning up his house, divorce himself from the genocidal FDLR, denounce corruption, seek support in neutralizing and disarming various armed groups in Congo, and set his country on a different course.

It should be recalled that DRC is still serving some embargoes and sanctions, mostly due to prevailing insecurity where for example its national army was caught trading in arms with rebel groups.

If the US-Africa summit is to deliberate on issues of security in the Eastern DRC, then it should task Tshisekedi to address the root causes of the crises in DRC, not just the symptoms. Should Tshisekedi continue to drag Rwanda into his messes that it is “the aggressor” of DRC, everyone should just know this is more evidence of lack of seriousness.

Also, the summit should warn biased international actors: it’s time to tell DRC to address the root causes of its rampant instability. No propaganda and false accusations of other countries.

Time to call a spade a spade!

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