RNC mouthpiece Himbara’s smears couldn’t stop Rwanda from acquiring a well-earned US$319m from IMF

RNC terror group mouthpiece David Murunganwa alias Himbara has resurrected (as if from a drug-induced deep slumber!) with more fallacious anti-Rwanda propaganda and smears.

The self-proclaimed (though quite fraudulent) “Professor of Economics” is pillorying the Rwandan leadership over acquiring an International Monetary Fund-IMF loan, as if Rwanda is the only country with a public debt in the world!

Obviously Murunganwa is in pain because Rwanda will benefit from the IMF’s newly lending tool (Resilience and Sustainability Trust) with US$319 million meant for bolstering the country’s defense against climate change. Rwanda is the first country to benefit from the RST given the government’s commitment to strengthening its resilience to Climate Change. Take that, you fraud Himbara aka Murunganwa!

For starters, the Rwandan government is known for its advancements in green investments and climate resilient project with the most favorable policies and incentives to investors venturing in environmental friendly projects such renewable energy, E-mobility (electric motorcycle taxi, electric and hybrid vehicles), development of wetlands among others.

Rwanda established a dedicated institution known as National Fund for Environment-FONERWA/Green Fund that drives the country’s Green Growth agenda by supporting green investments through low-cost and affordable financing to investors and regulation. So far, the Rwanda Green Fund managed to mobilize US$217 million for strategic climate resilient investments where 46 investments were funded.

But Murunganwa won’t tell his small audience that Rwanda is an Awardee of United Nations 2018 Momentum for Change for her outstanding contribution to addressing climate change under the category of financing climate friendly investment. The RNC stooge will spin anything to smear the Rwandan leadership, but no amount of such smears can alter the facts of Rwanda’s achievements.

Of course Murunganwa won’t talk about countries that acquire huge foreign loans that end in politicians and their clique’s pockets. Why? Because truth has never been in his interests.

Lies, propaganda, and smears are all he’s got.

Himbara, as ever, has failed with his latest salvo.

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