International community’s hypocrisy threatens regional stability

Several European countries have continued to hypocritically accuse Rwanda of supporting the Congolese armed group, M23. While the baseless accusations have only deepened the DRC crisis, they also continue to expose the international community’s hypocrisy regarding the crisis.

For so long, the Tshisekedi regime has peddled blame games that drag Rwanda into its self-inflicted mess. They do so, sitting on the facts that the regime failed to disband over 130 armed groups that continue to wreak havoc in the eastern part of DRC. And today, the Congolese people residing in the area live in total chaos. A tumultuous chaos has led to all sorts of atrocities, including a silent genocide perpetrated against the Congolese Tutsi.

As it stands, the international community has maintained a deliberate myopic attitude towards the situation in the country. It is with high hypocrisy that the country’s army (FARDC in alliance with FDLR—the genocidal remnant rebel group that shelled Rwanda territories on several occasions, all in the presence of MONUSCO. Unfortunately, it was given no attention. It is also regrettable that several European countries are now jumping on the bandwagon to ‘blindly condemn Rwanda’, ignoring Congo’s real problems.

The attitude of several European countries and the international community that delineates sheer hypocrisy toward the DRC crisis confirms that there is something wrong happening behind the curtain. And this defective attitude puts the region on a knife edge where peace remains unattainable.

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