As DRC’s provocations persist, evidence of international conspiracy gets clearer

Another violation of Rwandan territory by Congolese military aircraft, and, silence, again. It is clear now, to everyone that there is a conspiracy against Rwanda, between the international community and the Kinshasa regime. The evidence is all over. Yesterday, the same Congolese Sukhoi-25 once again violated Rwanda’s airspace, but you could hear a needle drop, due to the deafening silence on this serious incident by the international community. Apart from one negligible report, by one of the news wires (which even then, hardly attracted the attention of the mainstream international media) the incident could as well never have happened at all.

It is hard to imagine the noise that would have ensued had the situation happened in reverse – and Rwanda’s plane violated Congo’s airspace, even if it were a clear, honest mistake! The internet would be jammed for a whole month with congestion from media reports, and diplomatic statements from western foreign ministries, envoys, and NGOs. Rwanda would be warned and threatened left and right, not to mention pleas for economic and military sanctions against Rwanda from the Kinshasa junta.

However, because it is DRC behind the violations against Rwanda, the usual noise is set to mute, and everyone is instead looking on to see what will be Rwanda’s reaction so that they unmute their noise to condemn Rwanda for reacting! Rwanda is caught between a rock and a hard place because it is now apparent that there is a clear conspiracy against Rwanda.

Some members of the international community seem to be protecting the Congolese government, which has emboldened them to the extent of putting regional security at risk. The purpose of the Luanda peace mechanism was to keep tension in the region in check, in the wake of the ongoing conflict between the DRC government and the M23 movement.

However, the Congolese government has been persistent in committing transgressions that go against the spirit of Luanda and Nairobi peace initiatives. The apathetic attitude of the international community concerning the aggressive behavior persistently demonstrated by the DRC government towards Rwanda is undermining regional initiatives.

Everything has a threshold limit, and so is Rwanda’s patience in the face of persistent aggression.

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