Kinshasa shows zero remorse amidst incessant provocations against Rwanda

The Tshisekedi regime has yet again proved that it remains committed to “launching a war on Rwanda”, a rhetoric that Tshisekedi himself never ceases to utter while trying to draw a veil over his various failures of governance. He can’t let people see the socio-political issues that engulf DRC, on his watch.

This was once again demonstrated, in a so-called communiqué that the regime issued yesterday – after Rwanda raised its objections to violations of its airspace by a Congolese military plane; a Sukhoi-25, on two occasions: on 28 December 2022 and on 7 November 2022.

Maybe they are praying that by repeatedly violating Rwandan airspace, that can spark a confrontation with Rwanda. At the same time the Kinshasa regime rushes to downplay Rwanda’s concerns, by playing the victim, to justify their provocations.

The Tshisekedi regime, through its half-baked communiqué full of lies and distortions, cried wolf in the eyes of the International Community. It regurgitated its usual claptrap, that “M23 is working with M23 to block the peace process”, something that only the gullible or naïve can swallow.

Rwanda remains bullish that its concerns will be addressed, but Kinshasa shows no political will despite several regional frameworks such as the Nairobi Heads of States Conclave, the Luanda Tripartite Summit and the Luanda Mini-Summit on Peace and Security, among other recommendations meant to de-escalate the current crisis.

Well, Tshisekedi and his sycophants ought to abide by provisions from the regional peace frameworks – instead of trying to provoke wars, and then turning around to cry that “it is Rwanda!”

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