Tutsi witch-hunts worsens as Tshisekedi regime employs more genocidal measures

The lives of Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese Tutsis are deeper in peril, with the Tshisekedi regime always forging new ways to fast-track a silent genocide against them, despite calls by various concerned parties to halt the genocide.

The current situation in Congo resembles, a hundred per cent, the events that led to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The perpetrators of that genocide (ex-FAR and Interahamwe) are today the FDLR, now a terrorist group working hand in hand with Tshisekedi and his army, FARDC.

Against that backdrop, FARDC-FDLR is currently stationing roadblocks in Tutsi-dominated localities as a trap to easily spot Tutsis among other citizens and persecute them; this malevolent exercise has led to the extrajudicial killings of scores of Tutsis let alone enforced disappearances.

This came after Kinshasa announced an urgent nationwide population and housing census that started in August last year with a prime objective of ascertaining “Rwandan nationals”, allegedly to take out those that “masquerade themselves as Congolese citizens, yet they are not.” This is according to the local census body’s (ONIP) announcement.

“Masquerader” has a particular connotation when it comes to the Congolese political landscape. It is spoken with a double meaning, as the speakers mean that Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi communities are not even Congolese! This is to deprive them of rights and dehumanize them, to target them for genocide and other crimes against humanity.

Rwanda and regional countries at large have never ceased to urge Kinshasa to shun hate speech and ethnic stereotyping against Congolese Tutsi and Kinyarwanda-speaking communities in DRC. This quest has always fallen on deaf ears, as the Tutsi witch-hunting campaign is increasingly getting worse as days go by.

Even the United Nations (UN) through its office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect has recently pronounced itself on a silent genocide that is being committed against Congolese Tutsi citizens of Congo and called out the Kinshasa regime to urgently stop it.

Now it is beyond high time the International Community translated words into actions. Tshisekedi and his henchmen are determined to commit crimes against humanity – and they should be held accountable.

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