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Some in Europe are adding fuel to the fire with military aid to Kinshasa’s failed regime

Congolese regime head Tshisekedi’s henchmen have yet again taken to the media to utter incendiary statements that Kinshasa is set “to launch a war on Rwanda.” They are chest-thumping that “they now have all it takes.” This is after Kinshasa the Congolese army (FARDC) received some military equipment from Turkey.

The regime sycophants were quick to crow that the military equipment would be used to attack Rwanda, which the Kinshasa regime always smears as “the aggressor” (on the basis only of noise), but in actual sense such noise is part of a pathetic plan to deflect from Tshisekedi’s damning failures to govern, and to restore peace and stability in Eastern Congo.

Congo does not need any military support to overcome the rampant socio-political issues that make some citizens take up arms to defend their rights. The country, rather, needs to apply an honest approach to addressing the issues of its citizens (without discrimination) so as to find sustainable peace. In this regard, the regional peace frameworks are the most suitable ways to de-escalate the current impasse.

Any activities such as military support or donation to FARDC is only meant to worsen the state of insecurity that’s engulfed DRC, since the arms are liable to end up in the hands of over several terrorist militia groups (and blacklisted genocidal outfits) that are in bed with Kinshasa, and its army FARDC. It’s noteworthy to also highlight that the same groups have been wreaking terror on innocent Congolese, killing them, raping women and looting minerals.

The sooner “the international community” learnt this, the better.

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