US Court lectures RNC mouthpiece Himbara

Anti-Rwanda ragtag terror group RNC mouthpiece sheds tears over United States, Court for District of Columbia’s verdict on Rusesabagina’s family lawsuit against President Kagame and three other government officials on alleged “kidnap, torture detention” of convicted terrorist Paul Rusesabagina.

The US Court ruled that President Kagame has immunity as a sitting Head of State while three other officials possess immunity as provided by US’s Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act which stipulates that a sovereign state is exempt from the jurisdiction of the US courts both federal and state.

When I tell you that the RNC weed-smocking mouthpiece bought his academic credentials; some people think am wrong. But, imagine a self-proclaimed academician who has no clue about basic provisions of international law that are taught in most undergraduate programs.

Here is a free undergraduate lecture to the mentally twisted troll Murunganwa; “a sovereign state cannot stand trial before the courts of another sovereign state without its consent.”

One still wonders why the RNC fellow burns his calories on defending a convicted terrorist who pled guilty before a court of law for having created, sponsored a terrorist militia- MRCD/FLN that carried out terror attacks claiming 11 innocent unarmed civilians, maiming hundreds, looting and destroying their property.

Himbara will whine, yes; but nobody not even the United States will save Rusesabagina; he will serve his 25-year jail term.

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