Rwandans’ choices will always leave RNC mouthpiece Himbara sputtering

David Murunganwa alias Himbara who speaks for the anti-Rwanda terror group RNC, has yet again exhibited a conspicuous disconnection from Rwandan realities. He still shouts that “President Kagame shouldn’t run for more terms”. Since when does a loser like this, scrounging around in Canada where he’s been for decades and long lost a sense of reality about Rwanda, pronounce on what’s good for Rwandans?

Himbara, who was outed long ago as a fraudulent academic, but whose mission in life now is to badmouth Rwanda and its leadership, omits to refer to the country’s constitution. He fraudulently provides only bits of information the better to deceive his small audience, about what are, or aren’t term limits in Rwanda.

The national constitution provides that the Head of State may run for another two terms of 5 years each, after completion of his current tenure.

The weed smocking propagandist (also on fugitive tax dodger Tribert Rujugiro’s payroll) has twisted the Rwandan President’s remarks (which he made in an interview with French Television- France24) to suit his propaganda.

The President’s statement intended to reemphasize that Rwandans are the sole deciders of their fate. They are at the forefront of running their affairs not foreigners who falsely claim that they know what’s good for them.

By resuscitating a matter that was thoroughly explained and put to rest is another indication that Murunganwa has run out of topics to malign the name of the President.

As a self-proclaimed economist (so-called), Himbara would be expected to be discussing matters of national importance such as policies to grow the economy, job creation, industrial revolution, inflation among others. Sadly, RNC lies and propaganda is all Murunganwa knows how to do.

Rwanda are fixated on how to improve their lives and moving their nation forward. That defeats all his plans (and those of his RNC henchmen).

Himbara ought to know that Rwandans have cut themselves loose from any sort of harmful distractions, including his propaganda.

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