RNC mouthpiece Himbara is completely at sea, questioning himself why Rwanda keeps progressing without him

Anti-Rwanda terror group, Rwanda National Congress-RNC mouthpiece David Murunganwa aka Himbara is caught up in his usual nonsensical ramblings that are nothing but personal vendetta. Himbara still holds the grudge that Rwanda refused to settle for less rather aimed higher to move from a failed state to a middle-income country.

In normal circumstances why would someone badmouth the Head of State for building modern infrastructure in the country? What the President is doing is delivering on his pledges as enshrined the RPF-Inkotanyi’s seven-year manifesto.

The RNC weed-smoking propagandist accuses the Rwandan President of state capture; however, what happened in the awarding of the Kigali City road construction, expansion and renovation tender was lawful. The tender was given to a qualified company that met all set requirement. The process was transparent and non-discriminatory where all interested bidders had participated.

In countries like Rwanda where rules and regulations are made and followed; Himbara ought to learn that Rwanda has a mandated independent organ- Rwanda Public Procurement Authority responsible for awarding public contracts and its executions. If it was matter of state capture the government wouldn’t have established such institutions.

Rwanda has created a conducive business environment for investors both domestic and foreign. This goes with incentives that attract huge ventures that have earned Rwanda significant increment in Foreign Direct Investment.

If you look at the sectors that drive Rwanda’s economic growth, they include foreign investments in Manufacturing, Real Estate and Services industry. If the businesses in Rwanda are taken by State and Ruling Party’s owned companies as the RNC fellow Himbara argues; we wouldn’t be registering any foreign investment.

Whatever accusations Himbara levels against President Kagame and his leadership are just hot air. It’s vendetta emanating from his dismissal from the President’s Office due to his incompetence and laziness to deliver. The self-proclaimed “Professor of Economics” used to struggle with analysis of simple economic equations. Murunganwa should really accept his fate and take a chilly pill.

For Murunganwa anything that’s done in Rwanda is beneficial to the President and the ruling party; but he’s wrong. That’s man who failed to formulate a single meaningful economic policy and strategy to address previous economic problems that Rwanda faced.

Expect nothing smears from Himbara, a delusional fellow funded to blackmail Rwanda.

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