Shameless Himbara twists facts on Rama Isibo’s death, to secure monthly paycheque!

David Murunganwa alias Himbara (holed up in his single-room hideout in Canada) who speaks for the anti-Rwanda terror outfit RNC, has been racking his mind, as usual for anything to smear the Rwandan leadership.

Terror publicist Himbara realizes that all topics have been exhausted and his blackmail campaign against Rwanda and her leadership wasn’t yielding any positive results. After his half-baked reports about the World Bank and the IMF; the only option Himbara is left with is politicizing the death of Rama Isibo, a private Rwandan citizen.

Well, Rama passed away following a short illness as announced by his family. Those are the facts. However, Himbara being who he is, he accorded himself latitude to write fictions surrounding Rama’s death.

Himbara has never been objective, it’s on record; those who lived and worked with him know him as a fellow with delusions of grandeur, lazy, incompetent and a man of prejudices who would throw his colleagues under the busy due his professional mistakes. Today, he wishes to paint a different portrait of himself; it’s going to work.

The voodoo economics “Professor” Himbara’s goose is cooked; nobody has time to waste on his incorporeal ramblings.

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