At AU Summit, Tshisekedi and his delegation reveal their true colors, the bosom buddies of FDLR

A plot by the failed Kinshasa regime, started by tasking some Congolese civil society actors to travel to Addis Ababa for “manifestation”, i.e. insane disruptions. The puppets complied as they also wrote a press release full of the consistent jeremiads that accuse Rwanda.

Unsurprisingly, the press release asked the African Heads of State and Governments to demand “a political dialogue between the Rwandan government and the FDLR – the blacklisted genocidal outfit. Yikes! This incompetent regime has really gone bananas. Even, with no shame, the Minister of Communications referred to FDLR as a political movement!

For a very long time, DRC groomed these remnants of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and integrated them in their national army and governance structures. Now, the FDLR terrorist group became the center of insecurity in the Great Lakes Region, as documented by Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Group of Experts-UNGoE Report. FDLR committed crimes against humanity including killing unarmed civilians, raping women and engaging in shoddy mineral trade deals amongst others.

Particularly, the genocidal rebel group has tried to destabilize Rwanda in its quest to overthrow Rwanda’s elected leadership. It’s on record that members of the FDLR wishes for another round of genocide against Tutsi fated they were defeated by the RPF-Inkotanyi before they could finish what they had plotted.

The bond between Tshisekedi regime and FDLR that still harbors genocide ideology must be a matter of serious concern to the International Community and the African Union in particular.

Tshisekedi regime has always nurtured the spoiled child- FDLR which commits crimes against humanity and threatens regional security with impunity.

It is high time concerned parties deal decisively with the blacklisted terror and genocidal group- FDLR.

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