BUSTED: Congo political party caught in futile efforts to implicate Rwanda into DRC’s natural resource curse

Since its existence, the baby-yet-to-crawl Congolese political party known as CPG (Congo Prospère et Grand) embarked on yet another disproved propaganda that drags Rwanda into DRC’s perennial issues.

Recently, the so-called political party attempted to invert the reality with a concocted video clip. The video deluded people with what they called “5 points which present the modus operandi of the Rwandan army in the East of the DRC.”

The pure hogwash tried to implicate Rwanda in Congo’s natural resource curse. A lousy propaganda was initially launched by the regime ruler Tshisekedi when he took to various global platforms to blame Rwanda for his self-inflicted predicaments; this was back in mid-2022.

Scapegoating Rwanda has become a weapon Tshisekedi uses during his on-the-stump speeches. But the reality is, Rwanda has its own mineral resources.

Such propaganda peddled by CPG, is a set narrative of Tshisekedi and his henchmen who failed to deliver on their mandate since assuming office. It is also a stratagem to conceal how the regime failed to disrupt the kleptocracy of a group of self-enriching elements that keep plundering DRC.

Rwanda will never be responsible for generational bad politics of DRC and reckless leaders swallowed by the urge to embezzle. Again, it is the political will of Congolese authorities that will address critical issues facing Congolese not such sort of lousy propaganda.

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