FDLR terror group is alive and well in DR Congo, strongly working with the Congolese army

No matter what different statements Congolese Tshisekedi and his henchmen make trying to fool the world that they do not work with illegal armed groups, what they are doing is very obvious. They work specifically with FDLR, a genocidal group descended from ex FAR and Rwanda Interahamwe! But in yet another of Tshisekedi’s statements whereby he is always whining with lies and smears against Rwanda – this time to the Human Rights Council – he thought the audience would forget that it’s DRC that actually works hand in hand with a group like FDLR which is top in genocide and human rights abuses!

The Tshisekedi regime disseminated hate speech targeting innocent Congolese citizens that happen to be Tutsi people. public incitement against Rwandafones is the order of the day. The Kinshasa regime is training, and mobilizing Congolese militias, to carry out genocide (just like Interahamwe)!

A few days ago, Tshisekedi’s mouthpiece Patrick Muyaya tried to sanitize the FDLR terrorist group calling it a “revolution movement” rather than a terrorist group, during an interview with Aljazeera. All these statements indicate how Tshisekedi and his regime are providing their full support to FDLR to attack Rwanda.

As Rwanda has always stated, it will always work within regional frameworks to contribute to regional stability. However, it will never accept any spillover into Rwanda from any armed group and will ensure total security for its territory and its people.

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