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RNC mouthpiece Himbara is off course on how functional governments operate

Notorious RNC terror group mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa has again attempted to chide the President of Rwanda over reshuffling senior police officers, plus other imaginary accusations of pinning government to the death (in a moto accident) of a local journalist. But Himbara’s rants are nothing short of empty disjointed utterances devoid of logic.

The Rwandan constitution as stipulated in article 112, gives the Head of State a prerogative to appoint leaders in various positions. It’s incumbent up the President to appoint whoever he deems fit to serve Rwandans’ interests which is customary to all functional governments in the world. Shockingly for a self-styled “professor”, Murunganwa only dabbles in misinformation, of the most blatant kind.

On the issue of Williams Ntwali’s death, another incident that Himbara uses to back his fictitious accusations against the Rwandan government; the local journo died in motorcycle accident. The person who knocked Ntwali was arraigned before a court of law, sentenced and fined with US$1,000 after pleading guilty for reckless driving that led to Ntwali’s death.

Murunganwa is also prone to contradicting himself, a lot. The other day he could be heard ticking the Rwandan judiciary off, allegedly for being “manipulated by the Executive”. But today, the same fellow lauds a Rwandan court for having acquitted Christopher Kayumba, a former University of Rwanda lecturer. That’s the trouble with propagandists, they have to blow whichever way the wind blows. Like Himbara’s misinformed submission that “President Kagame does whatever he does to deflect the world’s attention.” Murunganwa surely must be suffering some mental disorder! The President of Rwanda does what Rwandans voted him to do, and he has proved that, time and again.

Murunganwa’s constant smears can’t change facts.

Not in the least.

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