Key points that President Macron should raise with Tshisekedi in search of peace and prosperity in DRC

French President Emmanuel Macron is on African Tour where he is supposed to visit Angola, Congo Brazaville and Democratic Republic of Congo. In DRC specifically, he will discuss at length the grounding issues affecting the country and the region in general.

His visit follows that Pope Francis and that of Secretary Blinken, on top of other global dignitaries that paid him a courtesy call seeking to help him address the matters at hand. Unfortunately, since the visits of those dignitaries, the situation in DRC continued to deteriorate.

For the past six months Congolese ruler Felix Tshisekedi has been globetrotting from one country to another, whining like a big baby that “neighboring Rwanda is the cause of his problems!” But the more he travels the worse his country sinks into the abyss, and innocent Congolese continue to suffer the brunt of that absolute insecurity. In other words, Rwanda has nothing, ZERO, to do with Congolese insecurity, and all other problems. That is fully the failing of Tshisekedi, his incompetence, ineptitude, and general lack of fitness for leadership.

Now that President Macron is expected in DRC, albeit the massive campaigns to denounce his visits (the same campaign organized by Tshisekedi) here are few things that might need to be looked at, and from a different perspective.

First and foremost, President Macron would do Congolese a favor by punching sense into Tshisekedi to look at the problem in his country from a different perspective, specifically far from using lenses of blame games which he uses to scapegoat Rwanda and its leaders.

Tshisekedi and his cabal of motormouths should realize that the problem in DRC is bigger than the way it is portrayed by different elements. The blame-games which constantly target Rwanda cannot solve the genetic problem of DRC and neither will there be a shortcut to solving it.

Also, Tshisekedi should be reminded that Rwanda has no interests in fighting in DRC or plundering its mineral resources of which some have lesser quality than those in Rwanda; nor annexing some of its territories for historical purposes. Rwanda is interested in peace because it knows its value.

It is high time Tshisekedi realizes that the M23 he keeps pinning on Rwanda is a product of his own failure and his predecessors. He should further internalize that for M23 to exist there is a whole long history of discrimination, persecution, tribalism, corruption and exodus of an earmarked section of Congolese behind it.

From Kampala agreements that implored him to reintegrate M23, to Luanda Roadmap that demanded him to divorce genocidal groups like FDLR or Nairobi Peace Process that embodies the two, Tshisekedi should get serious and stop meandering around accusing Rwanda of own problems.

While addressing the media prior to his visit to Africa, President Macron underlined a number of engagements that his country seeks to make with African countries with regard to security, economic and cultural exchanges. It is in our hope that he will resound the real issues at hand and urge Tshisekedi to take a different path that of solving DRC issues from the core and backbone.

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