Kinshasa can’t manipulate everyone with tears and staged protests

Behaving like crybabies and staging sham protests designed to manipulate and bully people has become symbolic of the Kinshasa regime. When Tshisekedi is not somewhere, in some country crying for sympathy, his people are manning the streets protesting something or another.

It therefore wasn’t surprising that upon hearing of French President Francois Macron’s visit to DRC, Tshisekedi ensured there was some kind of chaos, in form of “protests” on the streets, something that has become a hobby among the regime’s unemployed youth mixed with the army, police in plain clothes.

Since Thursday, there’s hundreds of Congolese “anti-French” protesters on busy roads and embassies passing out leaflets to influence opposition to President Macron’s visit today. With megaphones and loud sound systems everywhere, chanting and shouting “go away Macron for having a relationship with Rwanda”.

These so-called demonstrations are a desperate gimmick to bully France into taking sides, turning a diplomatic visit into a pity party.

Tshisekedi ought to master some courage, take personal responsibility, and clean up his mess, rather than the endless malarkey he is engaged in.

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