Rwanda’s economy will only struggle in Himbara’s deluded mind

David Murunganwa alias Himbara, a member of the RNC terror group funded to insult President Kagame’s leadership is now chiding the leader for steering up his country towards an aid-free economy. We all have to agree that no sane individual would make such an incoherent argument in public.

Away from Murunganwa’s incoherent submissions, global financial institutions like World Bank and International Monetary Fund-IMF rank Rwanda amongst the fast growing economies in the world. This didn’t just happen overnight.

President Kagame’s government has laid down sound economic policies, including well-thought monetary and fiscal policies that led to maximization of both tax and non-taxi revenues which account for a big share of the national budget financing.

Furthermore, Rwanda’s stability and predictable environment has hugely contributed to attract mega foreign investments in the country. When you look at the current statistics, Foreign Direct Investment- FDIs – significantly increased from US$1.3 billion registered in 2020.

Despite global economic constraints brought up by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, Rwanda has maintained a stable economy as a result of huge investments in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Real Estate and ICT sectors which drove the economic growth by increasing the GDP by three folds.

Rwanda’s road to self-reliance is also supported by the increase of her market share on the global market. The country’s exports in coffee, tea, minerals and horticulture have tremendously grown. NAEB’s 2022 report indicates that exports grew by 39.4%. 40% in coffee, 42% in minerals whereas tea exports grew by 7%. The RNC funded vuvuzela Himbara will always face an uphill task to explain to his small audience how an economy with such metrics still depend on foreign aid.

Rwanda, the country that Himbara blackmails, shows strong signs of steady recovery from the days of pandemic and other climate shocks. In the next fiscal year, Rwanda’s budget will increase by Rwf106.4 billion accounting for 2.3% of the total budget Rwf4,764.8 billion from the Rwf4,658.4 billion. Relatively, domestic revenues in both tax and non-tax will increase.

The struggling masquerading economist Himbara still won’t grasp the fact that a government with ability to increase its spendings can’t be depending on foreign aid at the same time.

Rwanda’s economy will only struggle in Himbara’s deluded mind which is far away from reality.

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