“You can’t externalize your problems, act responsible,” President Macron slams Tshisekedi

In a heated exchange yesterday, France’s President Emmanuel Macron told Tshisekedi to stop scapegoating others and address his own domestic problems.

French President who was on his last leg of African tour reprimanded Tshisekedi reminding him that since 1994, DRC has been incapable of establishing an effective leadership that safeguards sovereignty of the the country militarily and administratively.

For the past months President Tshisekedi has been traveling from one country to another in a campaign to scapegoat Rwanda and calling for sanctions. Just yesterday, he was told that he shouldn’t look at the problem from elsewhere but within Congo. The political and security malaise in Congo should be addressed inside DRC by Congolese themselves.

It is high time the leadership of Kinshasa gets its things together. They should start by addressing the issue of discrimination targeting Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese, they should divorce the unholy alliance with genocidal force- FDLR. Furthermore, they should reorganize and professionalize the national army to fight over 130 armed groups, and last but not least establish an accountable government system that runs state affairs and promote the well-being of the Congolese people.

Whether Tshisekedi will heed to Macron’s stern remarks and stop whinnying is a story for another day; but one thing is for sure, President Tshisekedi is failing on his agenda of  externalizing DRC self-induced problems.

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