RNC terror publicist Himbara is rattled by Kigali City’s global rankings

RNC terror outfit mouthpiece- David Murunganwa alias Himbara financed by backlisted financial cartel Tribert Ayabatwa Rujugiro, has resuscitated his disproved lie about the Kigali Central Sewerage System. The ailing troll’s poorly cooked-up notion is that the project stalled.

The Rwandan government co-funded, together with the African Development Bank-AfDB and the European Investment Bank-EIB, a Central Sewerage System in Kigali which will help in the collection and treatment of wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial premises across the capital Kigali.

The RNC weed-smocking fellow Himbara wished to enjoin his unwitting followers to believe that the project has stalled. But that doesn’t happen in Rwanda, at least not with the government of the day. The country set a precedence with regards to putting resources to proper use and ensuring funds and other resources are allocated to their respective projects.

The US$125M Central Sewerage System project (constituting collector sewers and a wastewater treatment plan) kicked started with the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment- ESIA and a policy framework for the resettlement plan to ensure residents of the affected areas receive appropriate compensation (value for money for their demolished property).

Himbara thought the sewage system issue would affect Rwanda’s current global rankings where her capital Kigali scores high in the cleanest/green cities globally. Rwanda allocates a considerable share of budget to infrastructure development; mega projects are ongoing to facelift Kigali which has maintained her position as regional hub for international conferences and events.

The RNC desperate publicist Himbara who’s currently asphyxiated in his single-roomed hideout in Ottawa feigns concern about a sewerage system in Kigali; but whom does he want to deceive? His consistent utterances are meant to position him as an “expert” whose ideas would impact the business of the Rwandan government.

There is no single government in the world that would depend on ideas of a man who forged his academic credentials? Himbara had a chance to serve in the higher office and what he did there is well-known. The aging chap didn’t even formulate a single policy that would shape the economy or remedy any situation in a myriads of sticky issues that Rwanda faced then.

Himbare will always raise false alarms in attempt to discredit President Kagame’s leadership but that his plans don’t bear fruit. Rwanda keeps growing despite his evil eye and nonsensical smears.

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