That moment accidental President Tshisekedi almost slapped Emmanuel Macron!

Witnesses of the press conference in Kinshasa hosted during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to DRC, were taken aback when Tshisekedi almost landed him a slap on his face.

The spark of a shocking moment came shortly after a female journalist from France asked a question to President Tshisekedi about his leadership failure, and the ballooned Head of DRC State lost his temper and failed to hold his calm.

As if he thought he was addressing his house servant, the raging Tshisekedi interrupted Macron’s turn to respond to the raised question and started to throw words like a madman, almost prompting France’s secret servicemen to storm the stage and save their President.

When President Macron tried to help him collect his composure by saying that the lady’s question in general was her own and did not represent the stand of France politically, the accidental President almost went physical. The shocked Macron brought the situation down by trying to listen to him and urging him to behave politely.

Netizens on social media made fun of the scenario, mocking Tshisekedi that a former Matonge Taxi driver could not hide his primitivity any longer. Others said that a man who behaves like a crybaby can not be less wild, brutal, and undiplomatic.

Truth be told, the unprecedented savage behaviors of Tshisekedi are no different from how he runs his failed and cursed DRC. No wonder the country is full of innumerable rebel groups, some of them comprised of genocidaires. In DRC, under such pitiable leadership, things are resolved brutally. And this shocking moment could not have exposed lousy leadership any better.

The popular saying that “It is easy to come out of a village, but difficult to get the village out of someone,” better explains Tshisekedi’s jungle behaviors towards Macron.

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