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Will the Angolan forces help find lasting solution for Congolese insecurity?

The Republic of Angola has decided to send a unit of the Angolan Armed Forces Peacekeeping Operations Support Contingent in the DRC. The forces will join other EAC Regional Forces Kenya, Burundi and south Sudan forces in the quest to defuse the security crisis in the Eastern Congo.

Angola’s deployment comes after it had been established that the Tshisekedi regime was conspicuously flouting provisions of the Luanda and Nairobi peace processes.

Kinshasa’s violations include disregard of cessation of hostilities and end collaboration with illegal armed groups- FDLR, Nyatura, Mai-Mai, PARECO and APCLS which have been persecuting, and committing genocide against Congolese Tutsi citizens.

Tshisekedi has always wanted to turn Regional Forces into a criminal militia to fight his Rivals. However, as reiterated by its Commanding Officer Gen Jeff Nyagah, Tshisekedi’s requests were against the mandate of the force.

For Kinshasa, the EACRF were supposed to serve the regime’s selfish interests at the expenses of marginalized, persecuted Kinyarwanda-speaking communities.

Angolan forces should exercise utmost caution to avoid being used by Tshisekedi and his cronies for them to attain their Mission mandate.

Tshisekedi should not deceive himself and think nobody is watching his selfish plans of sabotaging peace efforts to accord himself latitude to postpone upcoming presidential elections.

There are some few and simple things Tshisekedi and his regime should do as means to find a lasting solution to bring and sustain  peace in Congo. A ceasefire as it was agreed in both Nairobi and Luanda peace mechanisms, stopping his army’s collaboration with FDLR, Mai-Mai, APCLS, Nyatura, CODECO and Wagner mercenaries that have been attacking M23 Movement positions and perpetrating crimes including massacring innocent civilian Congolese Tutsis.

Despite all these incoming forces in DRC, the lasting solution still lies in Congolese themselves to end the perpetual mess in their country.

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