RNC mouthpiece Himbara attempts to deflect public attention from Rwanda’s hosting of 73rd FIFA Congress

On an occasion when the whole world meets in Kigali this week (for the 73rd FIFA Congress) the mouthpiece of the anti-Rwanda terror group RNC, David Himbara aka Murunganwa is preoccupied with his usual propaganda smears, in an attempt to deflect attention from the global event.

The self-proclaimed academician Murunganwa (in reality a proven fraud) has come up with another fictitious claim, that Rwanda is undergoing a “shortage of professional and technical workers”.

Those who follow the deranged man recall very well how he used to tick off President Kagame’s leadership over supposed “high levels of unemployment”, now today the same Murunganwa claims “there aren’t enough qualified workers for jobs in the country!” The story has changed, according to Himbara’s shifting propaganda dictates. Now “there are too many jobs!”

For the record, every year, Rwanda produces over 10,000 professionals on the job market in both STEM and Non-STEM most of whom (5,700) graduate from Rwanda’s renowned public University- University of Rwanda. This is has been achieved through government’s huge investment in the education sector which tackles both quality of education and the infrastructure. The strategy has also made education easier to access where every Rwandan child enrolls to free primary education. 

Funded troll Himbara will ride on his cooked-up figures to hurl mud at President Kagame but he keeps failing on every attempt. The vuvuzela should be more worried about his drug habit and deteriorating health conditions, not the health of Rwanda’s education sector.

It’s doing just fine!

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