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RNC weed-smoking propagandist Himbara confuses Presidential clemency with foreign pressure

Anti-Rwanda terror group’s funded mouthpiece David Murunganwa alias Himbara has joined a bandwagon of confused individuals and groups to misinterpret President Kagame’s recent interview with Semafor’s Steve Clemons, to wrongly suggest that terror convict Paul Rusesabagina is going to be released.

Himbara took to his social media platforms to yet again deceive his small audience into believing that President Kagame is under pressure from Western leaders to release Rusesabagina. However, the truth of the matter is, Rwanda is sovereign state with independent judicial systems anchored on zero-tolerance to impunity. This is how Rusesabagina was tried and convicted of terrorism with hard evidence, and sentenced to 25 years in jail despite loud noises from the Western world.

President Kagame stated that “In our history, we came to a point where we forgave the unforgivable; this how people who were involved in the Genocide, most of them found themselves back into freedom. There are discussions on how to resolve that issue without compromising the most fundamental aspects of that (Rusesabagina) case.”

Any sober mind reading from President Kagame’s statement would understand that there is no element of Western world pressure on Rwanda. Rusesabagina can be forgiven just like other beneficiaries of presidential parole like Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Kizito Mihigo and others.

Presidential clemency doesn’t necessary mean there is foreign dictation; it’s provided in the national constitution.

On the other hand, RNC terror mouthpiece Himbara who yelled for convict Rusesabagina’s release should welcome the new developments and be thankful for President Kagame’s mercy. Himbara should avoid switching gears to castigate President Kagame for pardoning Rusesabagina.

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