British Home Secretary’s statements about Rwanda send tremors into the anti-Rwanda circles; Himbara is gutted

British Home Secretary- Suella Braverman’s visit to Rwanda has left tongues wagging within the anti-Rwanda circles where RNC terror outfit mouthpiece David Murunganwa aka Himbara belongs.

The thinking for the self-proclaimed professor Himbara was that the British Government will suspend the Migration and Economic Development partnership with Rwanda on grounds of alleged appalling human rights record in vain. Minister Braverman insisted partnering with Rwanda to address the global migration crisis was the real deal.

The British politician alluded to Rwanda’s fast growing economy, political stability and safety of refugees which position the country as suitable destination for thousands of asylum seekers whom have been forcing their ways into UK through illegal crossings.

Minister Braverman’s statements about Rwanda have been a thorn in the eyes of Himbara and his fellow naysayers who thought their cheap and faceless propaganda would ruin President Kagame and his government’s reputation on the global arena.

The weed addict bodach Himbara’s claims that Rwanda and UK are dealing in cash for humans are nothing but a mixture of selfishness and ignorance. Himbara should tell his gullible how much Rwanda has received to resettle refugees from Libya, Afghanistan, DR Congo and Burundi.

“The deal will see thousands of illegal migrants resettled in Rwanda where they will be protected and supported to build a new life. Rwanda has a capacity to resettle many thousands of people owing to her outstanding track record on human rights and safety of refugees.” Minister
Braverman remarked. Such statements noose Himbara to the extent of committing suicide knowing his blackmail campaign against President Kagame can’t make any impact.

Himbara’s utterances are a means to eke out a living; people shouldn’t expect them to turn heads neither will they blemish President Kagame’s leadership.

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