UK- Rwanda Migration deal can never be derailed by Tshisekedi’s wild accusations

In a recent interview with a The Times of London, the DRC’s failed ruler Felix Tshisekedi whined to the British government that it was “turning a blind eye to atrocities committed by the Rwandan government in the Northern DRC.” The failure of a ruler then claimed that the “UK’s support of Rwanda has come at the expense of the DRC.”

Just like other countries that decided to speak out the truth on the current situation in the DRC caused by the incompetent leadership, UK should also publicly come out and respond to Tshisekedi’s wild and false allegations. The former Matonge Taxi driver has spent his time and Congolese taxpayers’ money globetrotting to scapegoat Rwanda, instead of taking responsibility and discharge his duties as President to fix the perpetual insecurity and poor governance in Congo.

Tshisekedi should first realize that over 75,000 Congolese refugees are hosted in Rwanda for over decades. They fled the country due numerous atrocities and crimes against humanity perpetrated by Tshisekedi regime in his allied genocidal armed groups FDLR, Mai-Mai, COPECO, APCLS, PARECO which have now been integrated into the Congolese army and put on government payroll. These are sticky issues that Tshilombo should prioritize fixing rather than shedding crocodile tears to soil Rwanda’s relationship with other countries.

Regional leaders have established peace mechanisms to bring peace in the Eastern DRC, but all turned to be a waste of time, since Tshisekedi showed no signs of giving peace a chance and chose to violate with impunity all set provisions to resolve Congo’s problems.

However, Rwanda as a stakeholder to the regional stability has exercised utmost restraint in the face of Tshisekedi and FDLR’s myriad of provocations in which her territorial integrity has severally been violated. Rwanda believes in peace and dialogue not wars. Rwanda remains put on the fully implementation of all regional peace agreements.

UK as a sensible government won’t be influenced by Tshisekedi’s falsehoods to sever her blossoming relations with Rwanda; Never.

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