Kinshasa regime resorts to tossing cooked figures around, in its usual anti-Rwanda propaganda

Recently, from the circus of Kinshasa, came some wild claims from the finance minister, one Nicolas Kazadi who, with a straight face, said that “Rwandan mineral smuggling costs almost US$ 1 billion a year!”

As the world has noticed, the Kinshasa regime is the master of making ridiculous figures of themselves. Kazadi’s childish pronouncement of course is backed by nothing – because it’s a pure fiction.

Not the one to be outdone, another loudmouth Julien Paluku, a so-called politician, announced that “If the war ends, there will be a vertiginous drop of 1.7 billion USD in the economy of Rwanda!” Sadly, Tshisekedi’s people have no sense of human decency, let alone some decorum expected from people calling themselves leaders.

It is rather hilarious to hear these minions pretend to be experts on matters of economy, and belch big figures when the whole world knows the DRC has never had any semblance of a structured economy.

Tshisekedi presides over a ‘free for all’ chaotic establishment where state tax collections are nonexistent. The minerals they keep singing about are mostly in the hands of armed groups who operate on behalf of the rogue regime. The huge mining concessions are awarded to powerful international corporations who pay directly to the accounts of Tshisekedi instead of state coffers.

It is therefore ridiculous that the same people would pretend to know what losses or gains their non-existent economy makes.

What a laughingstock!

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