Motor-mouth Muyaya, to no one’s surprise, sanitizes terrorist FDLR as a “self-defense group”

For those who followed Patrick Muyaya’s interview with BBC journalist Lukwesa Burak, to say that Muyaya’s remarks were shocking would be a big understatement. The words of the Kinshasa regime mouthpiece were repugnant, to say the least. There is very little hope that, with such bad faith actors in DRC, peace can be achieved.

The shameless Muyaya, when asked why does DRC regime collaborate with several militia groups (amongst them FDLR which is a blacklisted and genocidal group) did not hesitate to call FDLR a “self-defense groups” which work closely with his government to restore peace. Shocking, but sadly that’s Tshisekedi and his people for you.

It is not the first time, DRC government openly sanitizes FDLR or publicly claims that it is not a menace. Muyaya’s statements which are very calculative synchronize well with his President’s remarks that denied the existence of FDLR on Congolese soil. The same group whose leaders, he has been calling on phones to give instructions.

The crybaby President who has been on a world tour calling Rwanda and its leaders all sorts of disasters and calamities that befell his country; is the same ruler who appended signatures on different mechanisms to restore peace in Eastern DRC saying that he was going to locate, disarm and repatriate FDLR. What a loss in a human being.

Believing Tshisekedi or his cronies is not only a waste of time and calories, even a toddler in DRC knows the inept lie as they breath. It is high time Rwanda, which is at risk of being aggressed by the same FDLR Tshisekedi sanitizes as self-defense group, takes his call higher and ask for revision of Luanda Peace Roadmap, Nairobi Peace process, etc. Failure to which the world will again attest to a subsequent pogroms similar or worse to the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

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