Himbara, a man with little grey cells goes berserk over Rwanda’s promotion of French language

David Murunganwa alias Himbara, the anti-Rwanda terror group publicist is shooting blank in attempt to blame President Kagame for establishing initiatives aimed at promoting the French language in Rwanda.

No country in the world has developed without partnering with other country and foreign organizations. No sensible person would have blamed the Rwandan government for hiring English and French teachers from African countries. One of the strategies to propel Rwanda to sustainable development is to embrace the multilingualism.

Embracing French has a great impact on the Rwandan economy; French speakers will be open to various employment opportunities on the international job market as well as taping into new investment opportunities in French speaking countries among others. Such reasoning is alien to a man like Himbara who’s on a drinking spree.

The delusional PR machine Himbara blindly accuses President Kagame of not caring about human capital development and the future of the Rwandan children; little does the frail bodach know that education takes a considerable portion of the national budget. Furthermore, the same leader has put in place policies to promote quality education and ease access to eat. For instance, every child in Rwanda has a right to enroll to free primary education, affordable secondary and tertiary education.

The Rwandan government set up measures to curb school dropout rates and school feeding programs which facilitate students to focus on their studies rather than spending hours traveling to their homes to have lunch.

But, I will tell you why Himbara is ranting; it’s not that he doesn’t know the importance of learning French for Rwandans but the fact that the European Union and the French Government approved 60% of the Euros 10 million program to promote the French Language dubbed “National Plan for the Teaching and Learning of French in Rwanda”.

Whenever Rwanda receives funding from her development partners; the RNC dimwit Himbara trembles wondering why Rwanda keeps getting resources despite his nonsensical smears against President Kagame.

Bitter truth is, nobody gives a damn about Murunganwa’s faceless propaganda.

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